Being Russian: Visit «The bad little flat» of Mikhail Bulgakov

Do you want to explore Moscow off the beaten track? Or have you seen all the ‘touristy’ destinations of Moscow and wish to get away from the crazy tourist-packed places? Apart from the grand museums and architectural wonders, Moscow has much more to offer. If you want to get a taste of the real life of Moscow, don’t miss the opportunity of visiting the Bulgakov Museum. A memorial and testimonial to one of the most famous writers of Russia, Mikhail Bulgakov Museum is interesting and entertaining. Known as “the Old Flat” or “The bad little flat”, it houses shadows of literary personages. The unusual flat became famous after it was incorporated in his book Master and Margarita.

Located in Apartment 50 in House 10, the Bulgakov Museum is situated on first floor next to the entrance of the building. The writer’s house museum, Mikhail Bulgakov resided in this flat with his first wife Tatyana Lappa during the period 1921 – 1924. Close to the Metro Station of Mayakovskaya, this museum is few blocks away from the Patriarch Ponds. The first address of the writer, the Bulgakov Museum offers glimpse in to the Soviet style living taking visitors back to the Soviet age. Mikhail Bulgakov first immortalized this address and set portions of his famous novel Master and Margarita. The stairwells and external walls of the apartment include graffiti, drawings of characters and text from his novels. From an old telephone and piano to portrait and hand-written letters, the museum lets visitors immerse in the writer environment. Here visitors can not only see works of Mikhail Bulgakov, but also enjoy mini performances and interactive tours. Fans of Master and Margarita should not miss the recreation of the novel in a special theatrical tour. The museum also has a cultural center for creative performances and poetry readings. An excursion to this museum usually takes 2 – 3 hours. The Bulgakov Museum is also a part of several walking tours; here visitors follow the locations Bulgakov’s novels along with the museum.

Bulgakov flat wall

The stairwells and external walls of the apartment include graffiti, drawings of characters and text from his novels. Photo by Nimere.

Whether you are a fan of Master and Margarita or not, don’t miss out to glimpse into the exhibitions related to Mikhail Bulgakov and his family. A playwright and writer active in Soviet Russia, Mikhail Bulgakov is considered among the best writers of the 20th century. He became famous with his book Master and Margarita. Like other creative people in that era, even he had a very difficult life in the Soviet Union. Most of his celebrated works were published after his death. Even his most famous work Master and Margarita was published 26 years after his death.

Founded on March 26, 2007, the Bulgakov Museum lets visitors explore the strange world created by Bulgakov. From his personal items to work illustrations, this museum preserves the special atmosphere of Soviet Russia during those times. Visit this special mysterious place and add a new memory to your trip to Moscow. Typically Russian, the Mikhail Bulgakov Museum is a must visit for anyone looking for “The local experience” in Moscow.

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