The Tsoi Wall

The wall that mourns Viktor Tsoi and his band Kino, the Tsoi Wall, is a landmark in Moscow. A colorful, graffiti adorned wall, it is an iconic place for Russian rock music lovers. Even today, numerous Tsoi fans visit this graffiti adorned wall in the memory of Viktor Tsoi. Whether you are a Tsoi fan or not, your trip to Moscow cannot be complete without a visit to the Tsoi Wall. If you want to experience Moscow like a local, make sure the Tsoi Wall is on your list of must see places of Russia.

First inscribed in August 1990, The Tsoi Wall can be found at the intersection of old Arbat Street in downtown Moscow and Krivoarbatskiy Lane. A free-to-visit monument, its colorful graffiti still attracts rock music and Tsoi fans visiting Moscow. They pay their respects to their beloved rock music icon with ritualistic street art on the wall.

The Tsoi Wall

ЦОЙ ЖИВ (“Tsoi Zhiv”) means Tsoi is alive. By ratbailey.

As an artist, Viktor Tsoi tapped into the rebellious feelings of the youth and rose to fame with his work in 1980s. His music encouraged the people to participate in the world, but it didn’t have any political influence to it. His sudden death at the age of 28 in an car accident left Soviet rock fans grieving. This wall is a graffiti memorial to legendary Viktor Tsoi. It started with a simple inscription of “Tsoi Zhiv” that was spray painted by a fan. One after the other, fans followed and covered the wall with his lyrics, snippets of his work, portrait and even poems dedicated to him. A special ash plate by the wall is used by fans to leave a broken lighted cigarette as a mark of respect to Viktor Tsoi.

Viktor Tsoi

Viktor Tsoi – Russian famous rock artist.

Today, the Tsoi Wall still stands as an iconic place for Rock music fans visiting Moscow. This wall has also become a popular place to arrange meetings or hide a note for a friend. An unbuffed, dynamic and sacred fan wall, The Tsoi Wall is one of the most colorful landmarks devoted to legendary Viktor Tsoi.

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