Bolshoi Theatre

A historic theatre known for showcasing performance of opera and ballet, Bolshoi Theatre is a landmark of Moscow. One of the greatest theaters in the world, Bolshoi Theatre is also the second largest opera house in Europe. Located in downtown Moscow, it is one of the most preferred locations for Bolshoi opera in Moscow. Being one of the biggest ballet and opera theatres in the world, Bolshoi Theatre has a strong cultural and historic significance too. It is considered to be one of the cultural icons of Moscow making it one of the favorite destinations for tourists. A symbol of Russia of all times, the Bolshoi theatre is a cultural treasure of Russia. It is a true jewel in the crown of Russia since its inception in 1776. The Bolshoi Opera and the Bolshoi Ballet are among the most renowned and oldest opera and ballet companies globally.

Square near the Bolshoi Theater

Square near the Bolshoi Theater. Photo by Tatiana.

The Bolshoi theatre has been honored with several awards for its outstanding operas. In fact, it has been awarded the prestigious “Golden Mask” award fourteen times. Others awards include the International Stanislavsky Prize and the State Prize for Russia.  During the Soviet era, The Bolshoi Theatre has attracted local homegrown artists and talent. But since the 21st century, it is also showcasing works of different 20th century Russian composers. Recent additions to performances of conducted by Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Stravinsky and more. The Bolshoi Company consist famous local singers, dancers, choreographers, directors and more.

Initially when the company was founded, the performances were held in a private home. In December 1780, the company acquired the Petrovka Theatre and starts conducting operas and plays. After a few unfortunate incidents, this place developed into the Bolshoi Theatre. The design of this theatre was done by Andrei Mikhailov. Several renovations of the theatre have taken place in the 19th and 20th century. The New Stage was added to the theatre in 2002 and it went into service in November 2002. This new stage was built with state of art lighting and sound equipment.

The Bolshoi Theater, Moscow

The Bolshoi Theater, Moscow. Photo by Matilda Diamant.

The building of Bolshoi Theatre is an icon in itself! A classic example of Russian architecture, this 5 tier structure is popular for its acoustics and size. Located in historic Moscow, The Bolshoi Theatre faces the Kremlin Walls. The statue of Apollo crowns the entrance of this theatre. Inside, the theatre is decorated in gold and red inside and murals on the ceiling. The highlights of the Bolshoi Theatre are the huge tiered crystal chandelier and gilded stucco.

Few of the historic performances conducted here include Mazeppa and The Voyevoda by Tchaikovsky, The Maid of Pskov, Aleko and many more.

If you are a genuine opera and ballet lover, you need to check in advance for the performances being conducted. The Bolshoi Theatre tickets fill out quickly due to its immense popularity. So, if you are planning to enjoy an opera performance or Bolshoi ballet tour in Moscow, make sure you book the tickets in advance. With its breathtaking beauty and classic architectural setting, The Bolshoi Theatre is a must visit for genuine ballet and opera lovers.

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