Communist Moscow Tour

History of Russia is amazingly rich and interesting, and Moscow is the focal point of these events. Moscow of the capital of Soviet Union for more than 70 years, and its influence can still be seen in the culture and life of Moscow. The history of Communist era of Moscow has left its marks across this sprawling city. Walk through the darkest days of Soviet Union and its movement for freedom with a tour of Communist Moscow.

Communist Moscow

Communist Moscow Busts by Roland Brown.

The Communist Moscow tour will take you through the hidden pages of Soviet history. From the KGB prisons to Stalin’s Iron Fist, learn more about the Great Socialist Revolution with this tour. Exploring places through the heart of Moscow, you will also get a chance to see the Revolution Square, Tverskaya Street, the Bolshoi Theatre and more. These structures and buildings are key sites that testify Moscow’s days under Soviet rule. A tour through these sites is the best way to experience Moscow during Soviet days.

Take a guided tour of Communist Moscow with us and see the remnants of Communist Russia still present in Moscow. Just get in touch with us and book your seats for the next Communist Moscow tour. Our experienced and professional tour guides will make the tour memorable and interesting for you!

On our Communist Moscow Tour you’ll see:

  • Ex-KGB Headquarters on Lubyanka
  • Solovetsky Stone, a memorial to the victims of political repressions
  • Bolshoi Theatre
  • Tverskaya St, the main street of the city
  • Eliseevsky Gastronum, the most important (and beautiful) grocery store in the USSR
  • The first McDonald’s in the USSR

Time: 4 PM.
Price: 31 / 1950 RUB.
Students: 23 / 1450 RUB.
Duration: 2 hours.
Includes: guide.


1. Get to the Lubyanka (Red Line) metro station.

2. Use any exit.

3. Find the memorial Solovetsky stone in the center of the Lubyanka Square. The guide will wait for you near it.

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