Kolomenskoye Historical and Architectural Museum and Reserve

An ancient royal estate, Kolomenskoye is an amazing place to experience Russia at its best. Overlooking the steep banks of Moskva River, it is located few kilometers to the south east of Moscow city centre. Spread across 390 hectares, Kolomenskoye was a summer estate for the royalty of Russia. Today, this area has been turned into a park complex consisting of alluring churches, museums and many more attractions. Find some unique and remarkable examples of wooden architecture in Kolomenskoye. The jewel of this complex is the Church of Ascension and it is also listed under UNESCO World Heritage sites for its outstanding value for humanity.  Right from the hipped roof style wooden structures to beautiful parks, Kolomenskoye is truly a hidden gem of Russia. Do not miss on this popular excursion spots for travelers while in Moscow.

Kolomenskoye Moscow

Kolomenskoye Historical and Architectural Museum and Reserve – Must Visit in Moscow. Photo by Nikita Domrachev.

Village of Kolomenskoye first finds its mention in the 1339 in the testament of Ivan Kalita. Later, this area was developed as a summer residence or vacation home for Tsars and Empresses of Russia. In early Soviet times, artifacts and wooden buildings from various parts of USSR were transported to the Kolomenskoye. Thus, today you can find an amazing set of historical artifacts and constructions here. It is also home to the first open air museum for wooden architecture in Russia. Established in 1920s, the open air museum has carefully preserved several relics of Russian history. It is also home to more than 2000 paintings belonging to 15th century to 17th century along with fragments of wood and stone carving. This museum stretches over 900 acres and has never failed to amaze its visitors. An interesting place, this museum provides a glimpse into the life of Tsars in ancient Russia. To visit the museum from inside, you need to purchase tickets.

Kolomenskoe in Spring

Kolomenskoe in Spring. Apple trees. Photo by havemorecake.

While in Kolomenskoye, visitors cannot miss out on the Kolomenskoye Wooden Palace. This is a unique palace and is ranked as the masterpiece of Russian wooden architecture of 17th century. The most surprising element of this architecture is that it was constructed without use of any hooks, nails or fastening material. The palace consists of around 270 rooms that have been decorated with carvings and paintings. The palace complex is divided into male and female parts and spread across 26 buildings connected through halls and passages. The Kolomenskoye Wooden Palace is the best place to see the lives of Tsars of Russia.

Palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich

Palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich — the wooden imperial palace. Photo by Lyudmila Izmaylova.

Another highlight of Kolomenskoye complex is the Church of Ascension. Built in 1532, this church is known for its octagonal tent topped by a small dome. Constructed in white stone, this church is the earliest example of beautiful hipped style or tented temple roof. Intended for use only by the Royal family, this Church was constructed by Prince Vasily III. Church of Ascension is considered to have greatly influenced the architectural development of Russia.

Church of Ascension, Kolomenskoye

Church of Ascension, Kolomenskoye. Photo by Kerrie — in Sydney.

Few more places to see in Kolomenskoye include the 19th century Hunting Pavilion, the Water Tower and the Victorious Bell Tower. These three structures are also considered to be architectural landmarks and add a unique appeal to the area. Your trip to Kolomenskoye Historical and Architectural Museum and Reserve is incomplete without a visit to the Kolomenskoye parks. An ideal spot for picnic, the park area consists of 17th century gardens of the Tsars. Simply stroll around the park or laze with a book, you will fall in love with the beauty and serenity of the area. It is one of the most favored parks of Moscow. Do not forget to visit the apple orchards, birch and maple groves and wild flower meadows. If you visit Kolomenskoye in winter, the all-white park covered in snow will truly win your heart.

To reach Kolomenskoye, you can easily take a metro and get down at the Kolomenskoye station. There are multiple tours conducted to give visitors an in-depth glance into history of various architectures located here. You can also book private tours of the entire Kolomenskoye estate.

Though Kolomenskoye Historical and Architectural Museum and Reserve is considered to be off-the-beaten path for travelers, its popularity has grown over the years. It offers visitors a chance to explore lives of Tsars and royalty of Russia and see some magnificent architectural wonders.

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