Moscow City Pass – pay 4 tours as 1

Moscow is one of the preferred tourist cities in the world. With so many places to see and things to do, planning your trip in advance is always a good idea. Most of the tourist attractions in Moscow require entrance fees. Moscow city has made it easy for tourists to move around the city with a Moscow City Pass.  A 79€ pass, it is valid across all Moscow City partner venues.

The first of its kind discount card, the Moscow City Pass includes a walking tour, entrance tickets to museums, bus tour and more. It also offers discounts to several entertainment stops, car rentals, cafes and restaurants across the city. The card can be used consecutively for 1, 3 or 5 days. So, plan your itinerary accordingly. Moscow City Pass is really a cost effective way to travel around Moscow.

What is the first tour you’d like to take in Moscow? Choose a tour and you will be able to take the 7-day pass on that tour. You can visit other three tours across the week as per your itinerary. Take the Moscow City Pass on the day you reach Moscow! Make the most of your budget and explore Moscow with Moscow City Pass.



Just choose and book the first tour you’d like to take – you’ll be able to purchase the 7-day pass on that tour and then visit other three tours during the week when you want according to our schedule.

Price: 79  / 4950 RUB.

Students: 63 / 3950 RUB.

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