Moscow Kremlin Tour

Start your trip to Moscow with the Moscow Kremlin Tour!

Haven’t booked ahead? Don’t worry! We are the only Kremlin tour where you can simply show up and join us.

In this city full of legends and history, The Kremlin is the heart and center of all the historic events.  A beautiful fortress, The Kremlin is home to some of the most magnificent cathedrals, churches and palace. The Kremlin was the residence of Tsars and their opulence and power is still evident in the structures here.

Watch the history of Russia unfold before your eyes with a guided tour of Moscow Kremlin! From exploring the oldest square of Moscow to checking the largest canyon in the museum, Kremlin is full of interesting things to see and experience.

See few of the most visited tourist attractions in Moscow with the Kremlin Tour. Several of these places are not included in the Moscow free tour.

Our Moscow Kremlin Tour includes visit to:

  • The Senate Palace, the residence of the President
  • 15th century Assumption Cathedral, once the main cathedral of Moscow Kingdom
  • Archangel Cathedral, the shrine of Tsars
  • The Ivan the Great Bell Tower
  • Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon, two strangest monuments in Moscow
  • The Grand Kremlin Palace, the parade residence of the President

Time: 2 PM. From Friday to Sunday in winter
Price: 47€ / 2950 RUB.
Students: 39 / 2450 RUB.
Duration: 1.5 hour.
Includes: Kremlin tickets and guide


1. Reach at the Bibliotekaimeni Lenina (Lenin’s Library, Red Line) or Alexandrovsky Sad (Alexander Garden, Light Blue Line) metro station.

2. Take any of the exits.

3. Once you get to Kutafia Tower of the Kremlin, you will find an expert guide waiting for you.

For booking this tour or asking questions please send me email:

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