Moscow Metro Tour

A trip to Moscow is incomplete if you don’t take tour of the amazing Metro system of Moscow!  Ranked among the most spectacular metro systems in the world, the Moscow Metro started in 1935. The first underground railway system started during Soviet Union, the Moscow Metro has around 203 stations on its network.  A record setting rail system in itself, it is also for one of the deepest stations in the world – Park Pobedy. Take a tour of the Moscow Metro to understand why it is considered most beautiful subway stations in the world.

Moscow Metro Tour

Moscow Metro by richard pomella.

Not just the amazing metro system, Moscow is also known for its extra-ordinary metro stations.  With their Soviet times inspired architecture and looks, few of the metro stations are like a way down the history of Russia. Don’t miss this unique chance to see the Soviet subway and the inspiring metro stations. Join the Moscow Metro Tour and take a guided tour to explore the Moscow Metro system and its stations. With our guided metro tour, stay assured that you won’t miss out on any legend of the Moscow metro system.

On our Moscow Metro Tour you’ll see the stations:

  • Revolution Square, with magnificent sculptures of the Soviet people
  • Kurskaya Station Lobby, the Hall of Fame of the WWII
  • Komsomolskaya, with impressive mural mosaics of Russian glorious victories
  • Novoslobodskaya, with the stained glass, although under the ground
  • Mayakovskaya, the UNESCO World Heritage object
  • and many others!..

Time: 2 PM.
Price: 31 / 1950 RUB.
Students: 23 / 1450 RUB.
Duration: 1.5 hour.
Includes: metro tickets, guide.


1. Get to the Biblioteka imeni Lenina (Lenin’s Library, Red Line) or Alexandrovsky Sad (Alexander Garden, Light Blue Line) metro station.

2. Use any exit.

3. Find the Kutafia Tower of the Kremlin. The guide will wait for you near it.

Book today and reserve your seat in one of the best tours of the Moscow Metro! Learn the history and interesting facts about Moscow Metro System with our experts and pick out your favourite station!

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