Moscow Metro

Moscow is one of the busiest cities in the world and it also tops the list for the worst traffic on the streets. Getting around Moscow can be quite intimidating with the constant traffic jam on the streets. If you are visiting Moscow, opting for metro to go around the city is one of the best choices you will make. Moscow Metro is not just the fastest way to move around the city, it is beautiful attraction in itself. Reliable, cheap and on-time, Moscow Metro is the best way to get around Moscow like a local. Once you use metro system in Moscow, you will realize that it is quite different than metro networks in other global cities.

Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro by Makoto Kemmisaki.

Metro system in Moscow is the first underground railway system in the Soviet Union and was opened in 1935. Today, it is one of the busiest subways in the world with an average of 7 million people using it each day. Being among the densest and biggest metro networks in the world, the Moscow Metro consists of around 197 stations on 12 lines that span across 300 kilometers. As the network has developed over a vast period, several stations reflect different periods and styles of architecture. If you are new to Moscow or are here for a vacation, the Moscow metro map can surely confuse you. But, don’t worry, once you understand the lines and meaning of different colors on the map, it is really simple to use. Even if you don’t speak or read Russian, you can get up-to-date information of metro network on their website. Visitors can also find versions of metro network map where station names are present in both Russian and English. It is always a good idea to print and keep this map with you while on the go. As the maps are designed with actual landmarks and way stations are lined up, it is really easy to use it. Even most tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants and others, identify the nearest metro station so you know exactly which station you need to get off. The bilingual metro map is the most useful guide to use the metro network. Metro network in Moscow operates from 6am to 1 am.

Moscow metro is amazing as it allows visitors to travel easily and quickly. But the network system is not just the only highlight of Moscow metro. Few of the metro stations are an impressive sight decorated with monuments and sculptures. They offer visitors an amazing collection of public art from the Soviet era. You can explore the Moscow metro on your own or use guided tours. A Moscow metro tour will give you a chance to learn more about the architecture and history of this amazing network. Most tours offer a two hour travel by metro and highlights characters of different stations on the way.

The Moscow metro network is a marvel in itself! Do not miss out on this amazing attraction while you are in Moscow. Get around the city like a local, just look for the letter ‘M’ in red to find a metro station near you!

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