Patriarch’s Ponds (Patriarshiye Prudy)

Do you want to experience the life of Moscow from the early Soviet days? Or do you want to see the other side of Moscow away from bustling city life? Well, there is just one place where you can find the experience you are looking for – the Patriarch’s Ponds. If you have read the novel Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov, you will immediately recognize this neighborhood. Bulgakov and his wife resided in this area for several areas and he gave the area a bohemian reputation with this novel. A patch of green in Central Moscow, this park is a welcome change from the fast and dynamic life of Moscow city. The pond turns into an ice rink during winter season while in summer it is a shelter for the swans. No matter which season you are visiting the park, you are surely going to have a nice time. Roam around the pond, take a book to read or simply enjoy some lazy people watching, the Patriarch’s Ponds guarantees a unique and memorable experience.

Patriarch’s Ponds

Patriarch’s Ponds (Patriarshiye Prudy). Photo by Maria Semenenko.

Surrounded by Stalin-era apartments, Patriarch’s Ponds is a square-shaped pond in an affluent residential area of cultural centre of Moscow. Though in history, there is a reference of 3 ponds, currently there is only one pond surrounded by garden. This entire district was called the “goat Marsh” in the 17th century and the ponds were built to supply fish to the Patriarch’s table. In 1930s, the area served as residential hub for Russian novelists including Mikhail Bulgakov and his wife. The Patriarch’s Ponds are a must visit destination for any Bulgakov fan visiting Russia. If you take a walking tour of the area, you can visit the Patriarch’s Ponds and the Museum of Mikhail Bulgakov situated nearby. Do not miss out the Stone statue of Ivan Krylov, a Russian author known for his tales for children.

While in the area, do not miss out on one of the best restaurants in the city – the Pavilion. With its neo-classical touch, this restaurant serves traditional Russian delicacies. Patriarch’s Ponds is located on the Tverskaya street. This street is a cultural centre of Moscow and is known for its restaurants, theatres, nightlife and cafes. Do try Café Margarita, Strudel Café, Babushka and more while in this area. To reach Patriarch’s Ponds, take a metro to Moscow Metro Mayakovskaya (eastern exit) and Pushkinskaya stations.

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