Pushkin Museum

Ranked among the greatest art galleries in the world, Pushkin Museum is also the largest museum of European art in Moscow. From painting and sculptures to applied art, every fine art collection in this museum simply amazes its visitors. Visit the museum to see the incredible European art collection from 1600. Moscow has a rich historic and cultural heritage, and the Pushkin Museum provides a glimpse of Impressionist and post-Impressionist times. Located in Volkhonka Street, the Pushkin Museum is just on the opposite side of Christ the Saviour Cathedral. The museum is named after Alexander Pushkin, the famous Russian poet but it has no direct connection to the poet. The museum was named after Alexander Pushkin posthumously in honor of his memory.

Van Gogh in Pushkin Museum

Van Gogh Fishing Boats at Sea (Pushkin Museum). Photo by michelangelo5

Museum for Foreign Art was the idea of Professor Ivan Tsvetaev who emphasized on urgent need of an arts museum in Moscow. For design of Pushkin Museum, there was a competition entered by nineteen architects from different areas of Russia. Out of the selected architects, final designs were made by renowned architects Vladimir Shukhov and Roman Klein. In May 1912, the museum first opened its doors for visitors. In 1918, thousands of art works from other museums in Russia, including the Hermitage Museum, were added to the Pushkin art gallery. Even later, works from several well-known museums across Russia were added to the museum thus enriching its collection. Over the years, Pushkin fine arts museum also became home to numismatic and archaeological collection. The museum complex has been revamped and new buildings are being added with the growing art collection.

Bucentaur's return to the pier by the Palazzo Ducale.

Bucentaur’s return to the pier by the Palazzo Ducale.

The Pushkin Museum is spread out in three branches across several buildings. Out of the numerous buildings, the prime buildings include the main building of the museum, the European and American Art Building and the Private Collections building. Do not just visit the main building as you will miss out on the priceless treasures present in other buildings of the museum complex. The museum is still main depositary of Priam’s Treasure gold hoard of Troy. Dating from the bronze age, this gold hoard was removed from Berlin at the end of World War. In fine arts, Pushkin Museum is home to top artworks by world-renowned artists like Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh, Dufrenoy and more. In numismatic collection, do not miss to check the Kushano-Sasanian coins that were acquired by the museum in 2002. For a glimpse into the late 19th and 20th century Russian art work, visit the Museum of Private Collections in the complex.

As the museum constantly alters its permanent displays, visitors get a chance to see the rare fine art treasures from an enormous collection. Visitors need to know that the Museum is closed on Mondays. So, plan your visit between Tuesday to Sunday. Art enthusiasts can also book half day private tours to get in-depth details about different artworks and their history.

You can take a metro to reach the Pushkin Museum. Nearest metro stations include Borovitskay, Kropotkinskaya and Lenin Library.

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