Red Square Moscow

Linked to one of the most historical and political events in Russia, the Red Square is an old square in Central Moscow. The most famous and largest square in Russia, it seems to have a magnetic pull towards visitors. The bright domes of structures in this square seem to give it the look of a stone flower. Any person visiting Russia cannot miss out on this amazing attraction and its historic significance. From the Kremlin to St. Basil’s Cathedral, this square is home to some of the most historic buildings in Moscow. Its history dates back to 1490s and with the name living up to its original name of ‘krasnaya’ that means beautiful.  For centuries, Red Square has remained the heart and soul of Russia. The picturesque beauty and magnificent architecture of this place is a dark contrast to its bloody and brutal history. Red Square and Kremlin are recognized as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Just take a stroll down this historic square and watch the history of Russia unfold before your eyes.

The Red Square Moscow.

Moscow — Red square. Photo by A-PA.

Ancient and vast, Red Square has the State history museum on its northern side, the Kremlin on its western side, St. Basil’s Cathedral on its southern side while GUM department store is on the eastern side. The colorful domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral, the most famous building in Russia, add a unique appeal to the area. Though the square was known as Red Square from the start, the name did not have anything to do with red color, communism or color of Kremlin walls. In fact, the walls of Kremlin were white during that period. The term ‘krasnaya’ started being used to indicate red in contemporary Russia. In the Modern era, Red Square is the location of May Day parade. This parade commemorates the capitulation of Nazi Germany in the year 1945.

All the buildings in the Red Sqaure have an architectural and historic significance. While exploring, do not miss out on the highlight of the area – visit to St. Basil’s Cathedral. It was built in 16th century and has a long rich history.  The domed spires and exterior tents that cap each of the 9 chapel are simply iconic. Not just exteriors, even interiors of this structure are rich and reflect the long history of the cathedral. Next, go and see the main clock of Russia – Kuranty located at the top of Spasskaya Tower. The palaces and cathedrals of Kremlin are a treasure trove of magnificence and beauty.

The Red Square area is also home to a wide number of well known hotels. From the Ritz-Carlton to The St. Regis, Ararat Park Hyatt to Hotel Baltschug Kempinski, several 5 star hotels are within walking distance of the Red Square. Once you have satisfied your architectural curiosity by visiting the Kremlin, get a glimpse of modern Russia with the GUM department store.

To reach Red Square by metro, Ploschad Revolutsii is the best station. Built in 1938, this metro station is worth a visit with its 76 bronze statues of workers and soldiers who fought on the part of Soviet Union.

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