Shore Excursion: 1-Day Intensive Program

What is the best way to experience Moscow like a local? Well, take a walking tour through this beautiful historic city. If you have just a day in Moscow, a Shore Excursion is just the 1 Day intensive program that you need. With just a day on the shore, you surely wouldn’t like to miss out on the fun and experience of Russian culture in Moscow. Don’t worry, just talk to our professional guide and let us design a perfect one day intensive shore excursion program for you.

For the full Russian experience in a single day, we recommend our guests to start with a walk through the Red Square – the historic city center of Moscow. After exploring the amazing structures in the area, including the St Basil’s Cathedral, you can move towards the Changing of Guards ceremony that takes place near the Tomb of Unknown Soldier.

With our expert guides, you can stay assured that you won’t miss out on any major must-see attraction on your one day excursion. If you wish to taste some Russian delicacies, just let us know. Our guides will suggest places that serve authentic Russia cuisine. Book our 6 hour walking tour for an intensive 1 day shore excursion of Moscow!


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