THE VDNKH and Cosmonautics museum

Do discussions related to constellations, galaxies or space interest you? Are you a die-hard fan of movies like “Gravity” and “Interstellar”? Did you know that there is a museum dedicated to space exploration in Moscow? Yes, you heard it right. The Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, also known as the Cosmonautics Museum, is a dream come true for space lovers. One of the most visited attractions in Moscow, the VDNKH and Cosmonautics Museum simply captivates its visitors. Whether you are a space lover or not, do not miss on the VDNKH and Cosmonautics Museum on your trip to Moscow. Stay assured you will be amazed with the fascination exhibits you find here.

The VDNKH and Cosmonautics Museum

The VDNKH and Cosmonautics Museum. Photo taken by me.

One of its kind, the Cosmonautics museum is located inside an enormous monument. Opened in 1981, this museum was built to commemorate the achievements in space exploration by Soviet Union. Opening of the museum also marks the 10th anniversary of first manned space flight. This museum is located at the base of the Monument to the Conquerors of Space. This monument commemorates the launch of Sputnik and is a 100m titanium obelisk built in 1964.  The Cosmonautics Museum evokes the era of space race and is home to more than 85000 exhibits. Its rich collection of exhibit includes personal belongings of the first astronaut, duplicates of the first satellite, original space suits, first Soviet Rock engine and more. Apart from specimens from the moon, the museum also allows visitors to trace space exploration history with fun gadgetry. Learn amazing things like how astronauts survive in space, hi-tech materials used to build space crafts and other such topics at the museum. Visitors are also impressed by the space-themed propaganda posters and cosmo-themed artwork that adorn the museum.

Would you love to give a unique ‘space’ edge to your trip to Moscow? Well, start your space tour in Moscow by staying at the Cosmos Hotel. Located in the ‘space’ part of the town, this is the largest hotel in Russia with 1777 rooms. Opposite the VDNKH exhibition center and the Cosmonautics Museum, the Cosmos Hotel is ideally located and easily accessible.

The Cosmos Hotel Moscow

Staying at the Cosmos Hotel (Moscow). Photo taken by Leonardo.

Next to the Cosmonautics Museum is another astonishing attraction – the VDNKH.  A unique architectural and historical complex, VDNKH is an exhibition space and public park. Acronym got the Exhibition of the Achievements of National Economy, the VDNKH features more than 250 pavilions and palaces of Soviet era. The Soviet aircraft, Vostok rocket and fountains and arches make this area seem like a town in itself. One of the prime highlights of this park is the sculpture of Worker and Collective Farm Girl by Vera Muhina. The construction of this exhibition center started in 1935 and has faced several renovations over the years.

Both the VDNKH and Cosmonautics museum are easily accessible by metro. Visitors need to take a metro to the VDNKH station and then walk down the Cosmonauts Alley.  To explore these areas in detail, you can opt for guided tours, private tours or audio tours.

Go and explore the VDNKH and The Museum of Cosmonautics to add magnificence and uniqueness to your trip to Moscow.

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