Travelling to Novgorod the Great on Weekend

Travelling to Novgorod the Great on 2 Dec 2016 — 4 Dec 2016.
Being recognized as a ‘Novgorod the Great’, Veliky Novgorod is one of the most interesting historic cities in Russia. Travelling from Moscow to Novgorod by train is quite expensive, while car travel is bit inconvenient because of traffic issues on the route. We have done an exhaustive research and found some affordable yet convenient options to travel from Novgorod from Moscow through Saint Petersburg by plane.

The cost of travel: 107 $ per person for 3 days or 6970 RUB.

Moscow — Saint Petersburg — Moscow By plane 3 310 RUB 50,80$ Russian Air Tickets Metasearch In ENG
Saint Petersburg — Veliky Novgorod By bus 430 RUB 6,60$
Hotel Intourist Veliky Novgorod 2-4 Dec 2016 (3 days/2 nights) 1 Dbl Room 5 600 RUB 86$ Book The Hotel
Veliky Novgorod —Saint Petersburg By bus 430 RUB 6,60$