Visiting Moscow – The Jewel of Russia

Russia is known as one of the most extraordinary countries for travel. Whether you are a history buff or nature lover, Russia never ceases to inspire and amaze travelers. While planning a trip to Russia, the first and foremost city that you should visit is Moscow. The city has deep roots in history and culture of Russia and has the best of everything. Moscow is among the largest cities in the worldand ranked among the greatest cultural destinations in Europe. It is also well known for the magnificent architecture of historic and modern buildings.Moscow is also ranked as one of the greenest capital cities in the world with more than 40 percent of its area covered by greenery. Every traveler can find a reason of his interest for visiting and revisiting Moscow. So, stay assured your trip to Moscow will give you a treasure trove of memories for lifetime.

Visit Moscow

Visiting Moscow. Photo by Sergey Aleshchenko.

Not just cultural, Moscow is the political and economic center of Russia. Being one the largest urban economies, Moscow is truly an iconic and global city. It has been home to several sports figures, artists, scientists and other well-known personalities of Russia. For Government of Russia, Moscow serves as the seat of power.One of the most surprising facts about Moscow is that even today travelers can still experience culture of Soviet Union here.

Being a historic and cultural capital of Russia, there are endless things to do and places to see in Moscow. You should plan you itinerary depending on the time you are spending here and your interests. But here are few Moscow attractions that you should not miss on –

  • The Red Square – one of the most iconic places in history of Russia, the Red Square features on bucket list of every traveler. Listed in UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Red Square is a remarkable man made wonder. The Red Square is considered to be the epicenter of Moscow. It is the best place to start exploring Moscow. Do visit the St Basil’s Cathedral while in this area. The colorful domes of its cathedral are visible from the Red square.
  • Kremlin –full of architectural marvels, Kremlin is a wonder in itself. Along with Red Square, Kremlin is also listed in UNESCO World Heritage sites. From Kremlin walls to the clock tower, museums to palaces, you can see Russian history unfold as you explore Kremlin.
  • Pushkin Museum – the largest museum of European arts, The Pushkin Museum has an amazing collection of fine art. It has painting by some renowned artists like Picasso and Van Gogh. The museum also features numismatic collection and archaeological collection.
  • Moscow Metro – several tourists wonder how Moscow metro is listed as a tourist attraction. But, once you visit Moscow and experience the amazing metro here, you won’t have any doubt. Moscow is home to one of the largest metro networks in the world. Apart from the metro ride, do not miss on the architectural beauty and magnificence of several metro stations.

Visitors should also include Moscow sites like The State Tretyakov Gallery, Bolshoi Theatre, VDNKH, Diamond Fund, Sparrow Hills, Russian State Library and more places in their trip. Nature lovers should not miss out on the Moscow parks, especially the Patriarch’s Ponds. It is also one of the best places to experience Moscow like a local and spend some lazy time close to nature. Apart from visiting tourist attractions, visitors must also indulge in shopping while in Moscow. From high end fashion brandsto design and art pieces, old boutique stores to flea markets, Moscow is a paradise for shopaholics. Also, do not miss out on sampling few Russian delicacies as Russian cuisine is among the best in the world. Not just Russian, you can find global cuisines spread across the gastronomic landscape of Russia. There is great food everywhere in Moscow, so just start exploring. You can ask locals for restaurant recommendations if you wish to taste authentic Russian soups, pancakes and pelmeni. Visitors must also experience the dazzling and vibrant nightlife of Moscow. From Jazz clubs to live rock band performances, there is an array of nightlife options.

Moscow is home to a wide array of hotels and hostels to suit different requirements and budget of travelers. If you are looking for a high-end luxury hotel, there are few well-known hotels in central Moscow.

Whether you are a leisure or business traveler, you will surely fall in love with the amazing city of Moscow!

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